Saturday, September 10, 2011

App updates and E-mail support for any issues

Dear Customers:
1. If you have any issues, please contact us at We will address your issues as soon as we can. We will provide you full refund if we cannot fix your experience with the app.

2. When you report an issue, please include all of the following information:
a) Your phone model
b) Your phone number where we can reach you to discuss the issue(sparingly)
c) Ticket search parameters: From, To, Date, Quota
d) Your type of payment: Whether netbanking or credit card
e) If netbanking, which bank.
Please note that currently supported payment methods are:
Netbanking via ICICI, SBI, Axis bank
Credit card (visa)

3. Please setup automatic update for this app in Market(Android Market). We are constantly improving the app. We publish updates once or twice a week. By setting up automatic update, you will keep picking up the fixes and enhancements requested by other customers.

4. Please do not hesitate to send in any enhancement requests.

5. IRCTC is busy at peak hours. As a result, you will see "Server overload" or "Timeout" error message during the busy times. Only available trick, for now, is to retry your search/booking.

We appreciate your patronage. In return, we will constantly keep updating the app and improving your experience with the app.

Hyderabad Labs
ps: As of Sep 10, 2011 published latest version if 1.1.7. If you are using older version, please upgrade. Don't forget to enable automatic updates on this app!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

RailTicket - Train Tickets Made Easy. (India trains)

RailTicket is summarized in one line: Train tickets made easy. With RailTicket you can do all of the following at no extra cost:
  • Search trains between any pair of stations in India
  • Check seat availability on trains in India
  • Check ticket pricing
  • Book tickets
  • Book tickets using Net banking(all popular banks), Credit Card, Debit card
  • Check PNR status of any ticket
  • Show ticket to the ticket collector from your phoneAwesome Indian Railways is now available on your android phone
Note: This app makes use of your IRCTC account, however we are not endorsed by or associated with IRCTC.

URL for the app:

For any issues, please email

If you find any issues/bugs or feature requests, please send a email to us:
We promise a quick turn around time for any issues raised. We strongly believe in delivering value to our customers, and will do all that we can to constantly improve your experience with the app.